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Electro-BOOST ™️ - Plant-based Electrolytes and Micronutrients

Electro-BOOST™️ provides a full-spectrum of electrolyte and micronutrient support in a capsule form. Electro-BOOST™️ is made from a powerful combination of naturally-occurring, plant based humic and fulvic complexes. Each capsule provides 70+ electrolytes, micronutrients, phytonutrients, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins.   

Fulvic complexes provides important transportation for nutrients into the cells and bio-waste and toxins out of the cells. They are particularly helpful for boosting energy and reduction of inflammation.

Humic complexes are the champion of antioxidants! They collect free radicals and bio-waste, bind with heavy metals and provide important detoxification support by carrying these unwanted elements out of the body.

Recommended Daily Amount:

1 capsule / day

60 capsules / bottle = 2 month supply

100% Humic-Fulvic

Bio-Mass Minerals: 600 Mg


Vegetable Capsule.  No fillers, binders or excipients.


Fulvic/Humic Mineral Complexes Include: Antimony, Barium, Beryllium, Bismuth, Boron, Bromine, Calcium, Carbon, Cerium, Cesium, Chloride, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Dysprosium, Erbium, Europium, Fluorine, Gadolinium, Gallium, Gold, Hafnium, Holmium, Indium, Iodine, Iridium, Iron, Lanthanum, Lithium, Lutetium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Neodymium, Nickel, Niobium, Osmium, Palladium, Phosphorus, Platinum, Potassium, Praseodymium, Rhenium, Rhodium, Rubidium, Ruthenium, Samarium, Scandium, Selenium, Silicon, Silver, Sodium, Strontium, Sulphur, Tantalum, Tellurium, Terbium, Thorium, Thulium, Tin, Titanium, Tungsten, Vanadium, Ytterbium, Yttrium, Zinc, Zirconium.

Amino Acids: Alanine, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine.

Vitamins:  A, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12

All mineral elements in BEAM Minerals are a naturally-occurring part of the “humate” from which BEAM Minerals are made. Humate comes from ancient decomposed plants, is completely pure and has had no contact with modern pollutants. In addition, the extraction process uses absolutely no chemicals . . . EVER!

  • No Dairy
  • No Wheat
  • No Soy
  • No Yeast
  • No Starch
  • No Binders
  • No Fillers
  • No Preservatives
  • No Flavor Enhancers
  • No Artificial Colorings
  • No Sweeteners
  • No Additives
  • No Excipients
  • For a complete list of ingredients and Certificate of Analysis, please send an email to

    For Nutrition

    • Provides system detoxification

    • Replenishes full spectrum micronutrients

    • Promotes healthy gut microbiome

    • Relieves chronic depletion headaches

    • Supports nervous system calming

    For Athletes

    • Relives chronic muscle cramps & body aches

    • Supports healthy micronutrient levels

    • Headaches

    • Supports healthy muscle adaptation

    • Provides system balance after intense exertion

    For Women

    • Supports Healthy Menstruation

    • Relieves chronic night cramps

    • Alleviates PMS

    • Reinforces healthy gut microbiome

    • Supports Electrolyte balance

    • Provides cellular support during birthing process

    For Seniors

    • Provides electrolyte support

    • Cellular system cleanup

    • Relieves chronic night cramps

    • Provides support for mood management

    • Supports aging skin, hair and nails

    • Supports healthy cognition

    • Removes free radicals

    WHY ELECTRO-BOOST™: We developed ELECTRO-BOOST™ for people who are travelling, but want to keep taking their minerals during their travels. It is also a great solution for people that find pills work better with their lifestyle.

    THE DIFFERENCE: ELECTRO-BOOST™ has everything you get from ELECTROLYZE™ AND MICROBOOST™ in a single capsule. Since it is in powder form, your body will have to break it down and ionize (dissolve) it before it can go to work at a cellular level. Though it takes longer to take effect, ELECTRO-BOOST™ is highly concentrated and packs a powerful, full spectrum of electrolytes and micronutrients, phytonutrients, amino acids and B vitamins.

    WHEN & HOW TO TAKE ELECTRO-BOOST™: ELECTRO-BOOST™ can be taken at any time of the day; most people prefer taking it as part of their morning supplementation practices. You can take it with juice, coffee, tea or filtered water, or with non-chlorinated water.

    HOW LONG WILL YOUR ELECTRO-BOOST™ LAST? A single bottle of ELECTRO-BOOST™ will last 2-months (for one person), if you take 1 capsule per day.

    For Active People: If you are super active, engage in intense workouts or work in the heatyour cellular system may need extra supplementation. To give your body extra support, take a 2nd capsule before bed at night and let your body do the rest.

    For an Extra Immune Boost: If you are feeling a cold or flu coming on, try taking an extra capsule in the morning or before bed. The fulvic and humic complex’s powerful, but gentle, detoxification ability can provide the added immune system support you need to fight off bacteria and viruses.

    EXPERIENCING THE BOOST: Give ELECTRO-BOOST™ some time to take effect. You may not feel a huge shift immediately. Everyone’s body is unique. Depending on your level of depletion, your system may need some time to respond. Giving your body what it needs to do its cellular work, will soon result in better balance and homeostasis.